New Classes in September

Try CrossFit Bristol out for Free

Challenge your limits at CrossFit Bristol

Do something amazing in September. Try CrossFit for Size.

Want to try something fresh and exciting ?  Maybe take your fitness to a new level ? Fed up with soul less gyms, treadmills, pec decks and yet more 2nd rate training.

Then try CrossFit for size and if you are like most of our clients – you wont look back.

Where Human Performance is critical – you will always find CrossFit.

A very Special Offer

CrossFit Bristol is opening new classes. So throughout September, we have a very special and limited offer. In fact if I say so myself, its an amazing offer.  Come along and try CrossFit for Free. If you like it we will offer you  3 months training for only £99. (Limited places)

Just to be clear – that’s 3 months’ CrossFit training for only £99.

I know what you are thinking – “ah but there must be a catch, right ?” Wrong.

A 12 month contract ? Nope

Hidden Membership fees ? Nope

Conditions ? Nope

Legal tie ins ? Nope

Penalty clause ? Nope

Special admin fee right ?  Still Nope

Offer a Human Sacrifice ? Erm – Not quite what we are about.

There is a catch right ? Nope – Just ring or email us and come and see for yourself.

CrossFit Bristol: No contracts – No catch – No Bull.

Email or call today to book your free trial.

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