Clan CrossFit Visits Bristol

Every so often we get to host a visitor from a crossfit affiliate somewhere in the world. We’ve had crossfitters from California, Holland, Canada and more recently, from Scotland. Hi Gavin from Clan CrossFit ;-)

Anyway, We ran Gavin through one of our WODS and Gavin went home and wrote a blog aboout it. Want to know what he said ? Read on………

Gavin Visits CrossFit Bristol

Last night I had the pleasure of attending a session at Crossfit Bristol. Crossfit Bristol is owned by Mr Paul Grey, a martial arts specialist and the owner of the British Krav Maga Association. Paul attained his Crossfit level 1 certificate in 2006 when Crossfit was still in its infancy and has since then used Crossfit mainly as a conditioning tool for Krav Maga students.

He rents space from Bristol’s Clifton College but all the familiar Crossfit tools are present: I was pleased to see both ropes and rings and impressed by Paul’s personal collection of kettlebells. However, red tape prevents Paul from using freeweights in the space (bizarrely no problems with kettlebells) and as such his programming tends to be Tabata style max reps for time and pulls no punches when it comes to intensity – invariably the aim is to avoid him noticing you at all costs. If he does, you’re probably slacking.

We did a warmup that in many gyms may have been considered a wod in itself. I was introduced to the unpleasantness of reverse walking lunges and crawling backwards and later, during the wod itself, I discovered the heartbreak that is crash-mat burpees. It was really interesting to get another perspective on the Crossfit that i have been exposed to and to talk to someone who obviously has a great wealth of talent, experience and business accumen.

As part of my visit I was given the opportunity to take a Krav Maga Class. Krav Maga (translates roughly as ‘close combat’) is an uncompromising self-defence strategy which seems to follow the rationale that: you don’t want bother, but if someone starts, you’ll finish them and their groin as quickly and brutally as possible. I personally endured around an hour and a half of having my larynx crushed by a 5’6″ 60kg girl of two years experience (Cheers Diane). I couldn’t quite get around the idea of grabbing her (or anybody else) by the throat like I meant it, unfortunately, she didn’t share my sentiments.

I really enjoyed my time at CF Bristol and would readily recommend that anyone down in the West Country give Paul a shout: he is more than happy to chat about his experience and to show you how to slip out of a headlock like a Jewish ninja.

Thanks Gavin – Great blog article thanks :-)

You can find Clan CrossFit @

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