Rowing your way to elite fitness

Rowing for intense fitness

CrossFit Bristol RowingHowever, hidden among the tread mills, pec decs, chrome and mirrors is a ‘kick ass’ piece of training equipment. In fact the average gym  offers only 2 things that are any real use for functional fitness training. A concept 2 Rower and Olympic Weights.  Todays’ article is about one of them. The Concept 2 rower – or the erg to those more familiar with rowing.

The concept 2 is a powerful and highly adaptable piece of equipment that is generally wasted in the commercial gym. Restricted to being used for warms up or cardio, people miss the potential of this piece of equipment.

Most Gym instructors know little of the rower other than some basics. The concept 2 is a powerful and highly adaptable piece of equipment that is generally wasted in the commercial  gym.

The Concept 2 is unparalleled in the sheer amount of hard work it can generate in a short space of time.  I know of few pieces of kit able to be used safely at maximal intensity and that are essentially low impact at the same time.  Remember,  increased work capacity is what improved fitness is really about.  Its not about pecs or perfect biceps – its all about health and improved performance.

The ultimate goal of rowing for fitness is to generate maximal power on the rowing machine.  This can be gauged  objectively by the number of calories or watts you can row in a set amount of time, typically over a short period of time or a short distance. This could be 20 or 30 seconds or 500 meters.

So we have attached a simple program of interval training using the concept 2 rower and some body weight exercises. You can repeat each interval as a separate exercise or preferably work through all the intervals 1 – to 5. Be warned – this is a real ball buster – enjoy ladies and gents ;-)

crossfit bristol rowing work out

Source:CrossFit Journal Issue 57 Free download

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